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The Sound Of Young Canberra

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Artwork by Heath Killen
Artwork by Heath Killen
‘The Sound Of Young Canberra’ represents the fist compilation in the series to be guest curated and the first to have a specific focus – in this case, a 12-track frozen moment of new music from Canberra in late 2010.  In the following sleeve notes, Shoeb Ahmad from hellosQuare Recordings explains how the compilation came together:   "Putting together a compilation is always difficult, especially when you want it to stand out from the rest and even more so when you are trying to concentrate on one thing – in our case, the city that is Canberra.   "Some people wonder if
anything does actually happen here but if you ever make it to our town, you’ll see that there’s bands playing in backyards and parties, electronic music made in bedrooms and improvisors making a racket in gallery spaces. We listen to The Shadows to Refused, New Order to Ornette Coleman, everything and anything in between before spewing it out into our own unique concoctions of popular music.   "The more I listened to the tunes that Tim Guthrie from Dream Damage and myself collected for this compilation, I noticed the similarities to the movement that was ‘The Sound of Young Scotland’ and bands like Josef K, Orange Juice, The Fire Engines and Aztec Camera and the way they cross-pollinated their ideas with a cavalier spirit, much like what I see and hear in many of the bands you hear on this collection.   "These twelve tracks are together here for you to listen to what’s going on in our minds, with our sheer single-mindedness to do whatever we want, this here is The Sound Of Young Canberra."



The Sound Of Young Canberra
UPLOADED: 11/17/2010

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