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 Negative Approach (1 Albums, 18 Tracks)


  • Touch and Go
  • Classic Line-Up:
  • John Brannon - Vocals
  • Rob McCulloch - Guitar
  • Graham McCulloch - Bass
  • OP Moore - Drums
  • Current Line-Up:
  • John Brannon - Vocals
  • Harold Richardson - Guitar
  • Ron Sakowski - Bass
  • OP Moore - Drums

In 1981 Detroit's Negative Approach were on the ground floor of the American hardcore movement: peers with the Necros, Bad Brains, Black Flag and Minor Threat, all banding together and sowing seeds for the mayhem to come. Many argue that NA were among the most crazed of these bands; there was a distinct Stooges/Motor City sound soaked in along with nods to UK powerhouses like Blitz and Discharge and of course their US contemporaries. Singer John Brannon's gutteral throat-shred, however, flattened the competition hands down, In 2006 a 1/2-shifted lineup reemerged in for the Touch and Go Anniversary fest and Negative Approach proved they can still destroy. (by Brian Turner


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