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A Netlabel Day 2016 Special Release A virtual six disc, 25 track masterpiece from Natural Snow Buildings, following up from their previous Vulpiano Records installments The Night Country and 2010 Vulpiano exclusive The Centauri Agent. As towering as Daughter of Darkness, a favorite release of mine from their impressive catalog and what introduced me to NSB in the first place, I am incredibly pleased to offerAldebaran to you as a Netlabel Day exclusive. The release also includes beautiful album artwork, giving a hint to the unearthly content within. Disc 1 1. The Green Monolith 2. The Never Dies 3. Unknown 
Tongues 4. The Blind Disc 2 1. Horror in Clay 2. Sandy Cult 3. Providence’s High Priests 4. Carreta del Muerto 5. Algaes’ Figurines Disc 3 1. 666 Devil Lane 2. Teen Psychics #2 3. “Go Kill Because I Told You So” 4. Stars Grove 5. Eusapia Disc 4 1. Camp Lily Dale 2. The Summer Land 3. Abramelin 4. Burried Circles 5. Ectoplasm Rain Disc 5 1. Cydonia 2. Tiny Kings of Kadath 3. Astral Plane Temple Disc 6 1. God’s Fossil 2. Aldebaran, Cannibal Sun 3. The Drowned Church Recorded at home, Vitre, France between 2012 and 2014 - improvised on one track, live condition.


UPLOADED: 07/14/2016
LISTENS: 22202

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