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Don't Need It by National Grid

Album Description

IYNGES is proud to offer this BACK-TO-CRUEL special release from National Grid in its singular and most heinous form. 80 minutes of top-down oppression from the Utility-incarnate as one man with digital signal processing chops. Simultaneously sub- and supra-terranean,MARD'CORE exerts monopolistic, regional control splattering YOUR underclass, ground-level, popular balladry and
leaving behind a catalog of unclassifiable stains.Four hardcore classics are strapped to the effects rack and tortured from their original minute-and-a-half run times into twenty-minute squalling soundscapes. Cymbals transform into hissing cyborg snakes, snare hits become shuddering nitrous mirages. The bass is a subterranean leviathan, guitars squeal and skronk like saxophones fashioned from dripping flesh while primordial human screams echo up through the hundred thousand moshpits of history. MAR'DCORE evokes comparison to current trends in challenging music such as new media composition, power electronics, doom rock, psychedelic drone, and black metal, all the while honoring the primal brutality and timeless essence of hardcore. Ugly, loud, evil, beautiful. Originally produced and released in 2006 in a miniscule CD-R run, IYNGES is pleased to present the offical digital release of MAR'DCORE with a new bonus track, Paranoid Chant.