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Sunday Night Movie by National Grid

Album Description

National Grid's Apparition is a meditation on time, memory, and the states of childhood. Vague sense impressions float up from recesses of the mind, winter sunshine streaming on cream colored naugahyde backseats, the bricked channels of tenement house alleyways, tinny piano music tinkling in dance studios of elderly Polish ballerinas,
linoleum aisles of liquor stores, the dark wood of ancient banisters, TV dinners in aluminum trays served on plastic folding card tables, Star Trek, curtain lace and dread. The cover depicts the artist as a boy with his father. Using 70s TV bumper theme music as a primary source, Apparitionmanipulates and processes them into shimmering, spectral landscapes reminiscent of the era's progressive headkings Popol Vuh and David Hykes & the Harmonic Choir. Designed for playback at maximum volume.