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Namgar is a singer from Buryatia in the far reaches of the Russian Federation,
near Mongolia. Namgar and her band bring a distinctive
blend of Buryat traditions and rock -RobW /WFMUThe heart of group, Namgar whose name means (“white cloud” from tibetan), grew up in a Buryat family in a tiny village of Kunkur near the border crossing of Russia, Mongolia, and China. Hori Buryat tribes to which Namgar belongs, historically were supporters of Chinghis Khan and important commanders of the Mongol Invasion. Being separated from each other politically since XVII century, Buryats and Mongolians still share many common traditions, and in search of cultural identity often think about each other as "true keepers of the ancient heritage". Namgar, the singer from the family line of white shamans. In the heart of Siberia, under bottomless blue sky, there the songs sung by Namgar were born. She masters the mysteries of the great wide open, voices of spirits of mountains and forests. Love to the melodies sung by her granny and her father, the wish to maintain the tradition that is becoming extinct, brought her on festival stages around the world. She sings long songs and yokhor dance tunes, uliger legends of mighty champions, precise arrows, and swift horses, just as they used to sing ages ago, with music arranged so that the jewels of her singing were accessible on world music stage.
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