Naked Hassellhoff

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Squires, Lint and Myers make lives better through their practice of honest Riff Rider (pat. pend) technology. This technology involves a lot of things. When the riff goes out to them people in the crowd, the crowd knows it and gets the hell out of there. Drinks are consumed and folks are made dangerous. The night can be cruel. Some things get done without the band knowing about it. Like when the band members go home to their families, other members of the band might not know about it. But all the while, all interactions are recorded for processing into slicing sounds. At Squires, Lint and Myers, notes is knives. Kill sound guys not doing the mix. Stop smiling! Des Moines to Iowa City is a long haul when you are disappointed with rock. The Riff Rider machine will continue to spit out golden formulas and the team at S,L and M will be there, drinking them up and spitting them out at you for a long time to come.

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