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Risk Society by Mystery Mammal

Album Description

Creative Commons "Cut Up Image"
Released:May 5th, 2017



Risk Society
01. Upright (01:32)
02. Greenhorn (04:24)
03. Bigger Than This (03:40)
05. Eutrophic (03:30)
06. Starchild (03:44)
07. Opal (06:06:38)
08. Radiasiya (01:50)
09. Good Grief (02:40)
10. A Walk (01:46)
12. Electric Puppet (03:14)
13. Ruins (01:44)

Risk Society by Mystery Mammal is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike License.
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Mattbilltodd on 05/09/17 at 06:48PM
Good Stuff man!
Mystery Mammal on 05/10/17 at 02:55AM
@mattbilltodd - thank you very much!
smileystv on 07/16/17 at 05:44AM
If this was uploaded on 5/5/17, how come Starchild "Shazaam"s as Overcome by Antonio Pichel from 2012 and sounds exactly like it?
Mystery Mammal on 07/16/17 at 02:15PM
@smileystv - this is because the piano loop that both Pichel and I use is a royalty free sample from ACID Music Studio. Both he and I apparently took the same loop and added different drums. Additionally, looking at my Soundcloud ( - just hover over the 'years ago' text to see the exact date of release), my version of the song may have been released before his.
smileystv on 07/16/17 at 05:11PM
Thanks! Gotta cover my butt!
ZeroGravitas on 10/01/17 at 02:13PM
Hi, great (free) music. :-) However, I've just had a couple of copyright claims against my Video (, with respect to 2 of your songs from this album:

"Greenhorn" (at 3m45s) reports as "Cries of the Rain Forests - Race Knower".

And "Upright" (at 12m22s) is claimed as "The End - World Dance Orchestra".

So, I understand this is definitely just a case that both yourself and these other artists used the same sound samples. And that they should not be able to uphold the claim against my video?

Also, I'd appreciate if you can tell me if I've referenced your work and licences sufficiently in the video's description. Thanks. :-)
Mystery Mammal on 10/01/17 at 03:48PM
@ZeroGravitas - Yup! These songs have been cleared of copyright claims via YouTube. There should be no problems with your video be posted. If you want, you can email me at for proof of copyright clearance from YouTube.

And yes! You referenced the work correctly.

Thanks for your questions and happy YouTubing to you!
ZeroGravitas on 10/01/17 at 05:11PM
@Mystery Mammal - Thanks for the very quick response!

I've disputed the claims, so crossing my fingers that no one (or thing) at the other end contests. It's dumb there's no explicit option to tick saying the song has been misidentified; you just have to tack that on later in the text field, and hope a person actually sees it.

Anyway, I made a small donation to FMA, earlier. I don't know if any of that gets back to you artists, in any form, but all the best anyway. :-)
ZeroGravitas on 10/20/17 at 06:35PM
And a quick follow up: the claims were dropped a after a week or so. So all good. Thanks again. :-)
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