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- ■ Mujika Easel Born in Osaka, Japan in 1978. In 2003, she released 1st album 'awaawa' as a member of ''Eisi'' from MIdI creative/noble. In 2005, a re-construct album of 'awaawa' by Taylor Deupree(12K) was produced from MIdI creative/noble. In 2006, launched the music label "AnN-shitsu Records", released 1st solo album "Love and Realism". In 2009, launched  the music label "dear Air" and as a first step, In 2010, released 2nd solo album ''from the seaside". In 2012, ''Eisi'' restart and ''AnN-shitsu'' open in Osaka. - :: soundcloud :: :: web :: :: AnN-shitsu :: -  

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