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 Mudboy (8 Albums, 32 Tracks)


LOCATION:Providence, RI
  • Raphael Lyon
  • Psicklops
Raphael Lyon is a sound and installation artist who performs using a custom organ he built called the Mudboy Minnie (pic/info). He has also performed on Providence Performing Arts Center's ancient wurlitzer. Lyon runs the Free Matter for the Blind label, which has released a series of excellent audio zines,
the Psicklops experimental collaborative radio play, Thee Haunted Cobblestone series of 3-floor high live performances bouncing off the street, and an assortment of other material. Mudboy's own music has also been released by Providence's excellent free-folk/psych label Last Visible Dog, and his most recent album, Hungry Ghosts!- These Songs are Doors, is available from Not Not Fun and Digitalis on LP/CD respectively. (-via Jason SIgal at WFMU's Beware of the Blog) (photo by Flickr user wot nxt Some Rights Reserved)