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Sexy Bull by Mucca Pazza

Album Description

Mucca Pazza
Mucca Pazza
Host: Evan Davies
Engineer: Glenn Luttman and Juliana Armbrust
What happens when you try to cram a 30-piece self-described "circus punk marching band" into the modestly-sized WFMU Love Room? Find out Tuesday night, Sept 15, when Chicago's Mucca Pazza attempt to play live on the Evan "Funk" Davies Show. Traditional band instruments are augmented by electric guitars and accordions,
which are played through head-mounted amplifiers. Their music will remind you more of Seuss than Sousa; they've also been known to cover Serge Gainesbourg, Le Tigre, Ali Hassan Kuban, the Bar-Kays and others. They're playing at the Knitting Factory on Saturday the 12th, and at Mercury Lounge on Sunday the 13th, so you can see the full spectacle first and then hear how it translates to radio. -Evan "Funk" Davies (WFMU Playlist/Archive)



06. Mucca Pazza - Sexy Bull 00:03:01

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