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 Mt. Gigantic (2 Albums, 15 Tracks)


LOCATION:bloomington indiana
ACTIVE:2000 - 2006
  • In order of appearance.....
  • Jason Wayne Arsaga (formally williams)
  • - wrote the songs, acoustic guitar, singing
  • Ben Bussell
  • - drums and keyboard
  • David Bower
  • - bass
  • Dorey Fox
  • - viola
  • Megan Downey
  • - singing,keyboard, and tambourine
  • Mike Dixon
  • - Bass and singing
  • Justin Vollmar
  • - electric guitar, singing, keyboard, and bells
  • Erin Tobey
  • - bass and singing
  • Matt Tobey
  • - drums, keyboard, and singing
  • Justin clifford Rhody
  • -singing and sounds
  • **old smiler also featured John Ringhoffer and Greg Dixon.
  • Lougow, vollmar, rapider than horsepower, good luck, erin tobey, matty pop chart, fat shadow, DBH, smut, pink razors, and probably a bunch more
Mt. Gigantic was a bloomington Indiana punk band lead by Jason Wayne Arsaga.  We put out two records on Friends and Relatives Records and Harlan Records.  There were a lot of people in this band over the years. 
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