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Atarassic by Mstk

Album Description

via This Music Is Free — As if the hyped-out blap jams and loungey slowburners of last year's "Foreplays" weren't enough of a treat for all the beat eaters out there, Apes on Tapes employs a gifted crew of fellow Italian sound scientists to give select tracks the ol' once
over. The results are as follows: "Big Wordz Big Wizard" gets its rhythm swung up and spliced with samples of a certain late 90's trashbag wearing female MC via Digi G'Alessio, UXO takes "Neat Meat Fiend" and puts a bleep on it, "Verbal Leprosy"'s roll gets slowed by way of Railster's fantasy-tinged syrup bass stylings, not quite sure what to make of Desanimaux's remix of "Les" with its dizzying cacophony of vocal cuts; but i like it, "So And Soul" meets two entirely different fates at the hands of Furtherset's cultish ambience and Grillo's chunky neon funk, MSTK strips "Atarassic" down to its most basic groove, and to sweeten this deal even more; a brand new, untouched track by Apes on Tapes is also included.



06. Mstk - Atarassic 00:04:02

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