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out of tune by Mr. Kindhoover

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Kindhoover Klassik No. 1
Kindhoover Klassik No. 1
When speed meets incredible skills, it turns out like this. If you are of the slow kind, you could be annoyed by your inabilty to follow this mad mixture of classical tunes and sheer crazily briliant breakbeats at an appropriate speed. Your eyes may rotate in their sockets, your neck
may become stiff of astonished shaking of the head, but we promise you one thing: your grin will stay put firmly in place. The only drug you might me tempted to take while listening to this, is Ritalin. The sounds run through ones brain like breathless, pumped-up mice, ready to nibble their way out in top-speed. But what they leave behind, is an experienceworth having. Take a deep breath now, it will take some time, until you take the next one. Here we go... (from



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