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Test Screening of 'The Story Of Mr. Busalot' by Mr. Busalot

Album Description

Test Screening of The Story Of Mr Busalot
Released:July 10th, 2009

In the 70’s Mr Busalot was a popular British pornstar who came to prominence (& received his stage name) because of his ability to ejaculate a lot during scenes.
He later became bitter & angry at the industry after he was inevitably replaced by a younger, fresher pornstar who stole his limelight.
This bitterness soon turned to insanity & one day whilst entertaining a girl, who he’d recently started seeing, he proceeded to perform his famous act on the girl. The girl, not being a pornstar & not knowing his past was unprepared for his abundant spraying’ and drowned in it.
He got a twisted sense of power from this accident and after burying the body he purposely started seeking girls to do this to.
After doing this for a while, he started to get the attention he had been missing, as the news frenzy around the disappearance of the girls heightened.
One of the girls that he buried was found and they eventually linked it to Busalot…….. he was later executed.

The ghost of Busalot entered the rapper you hear,  to give his side of the story but has now left him, since he's been able to now tell it.

                            R.I.P Mr Busalot  1946-1989

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Test Screening of 'The Story Of Mr. Busalot'

Test Screening of 'The Story Of Mr. Busalot' by Mr. Busalot is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.
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