Motown Meltdown

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The Motown Meltdown series is born from a special collection of
discs called the Motown Master Recordings Karaoke by Singing Machine.
Each of these extraordinary discs contains "8 classic hits by the
original artists". These are the ORIGINAL classic Motown recordings
with separated stereo channels, left and right. The left side; the
instrumental, the right; isolated vocals. And thanks to the internet
and a socially irresponsible record label intern, for Volume 2 we have
added some of the original Motown multi-track sessions to the sample
library! There is one basic ground rule for the making of these songs;
the only sources the artists are allowed to utilize are those of the
karaoke collections and multi-track sessions. No outside sounds
allowed. In other words, no other drum beats, basslines, keys etc. can
be added into the mix. Due to their blatant skirting of
all modern copyright laws these Meltdowns are also completely
unreleaseable in the commercial marketplace! So we have gone the route
of "The Grey Album" and "Pet Sounds: In the Key of Dee" and unleashed
them as viruses on the world, absolutely free. So, sit back and enjoy
our skewed take on the greatest Motown singles of the 20th Century!

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