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On June 30th 2007, Daniel Blue found himself alone in an empty loft/warehouse situation. All tore up about the harsh reality of the isolation of the modern man, he picked up a used guitar and "just made it happen, I needed a way to connect to the outside world." This is odd, because this particular warehouse was often the hub of the vibrant, if not struggling young Tacoma arts scene.
He sings to the walls, a crisis building in him…these nights alone swirl around him and he unloads his unusual lungs at the ghosts in his heart, at the demons he feels “I am a madman”, he confesses to the spirits of the air…in agreement or perhaps an acceptance as rebellion. “If i have to be mad to free myself from your grasp, then I am a madman.” Its the job of the song to tell the truth, as simply and beautifully as possible.