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Heat by Montgomery Clunk

Album Description

Superbus Cover
Superbus Cover
"Still crapulent from the recent Russia fest we are shifting our focus westwards - however, only a few 100 kilometers. Next up is Sir Montgomery Clunk, brilliant producer and bon vivant hailing from Romania's buzzing capital Bucharest. Monty blesses us with a six track EP entitled Superbus that tells the
story of fiction, HEAT and back-stabbers, the story of a certain someone rising from the ashes of a former life. A literal person that hears the call of the streets coming in from the windows every single night... Musically speaking, Superbus is quite a versatile thing. There is a mesmerizing darkness to all of Monty's tracks, still he has a knack for melodies and is afraid of catchiness not a bit. Without a doubt we are facing night time music here. Describing his beats as a mixture from Hip Hop, Dubstep and Electronica might not sound exciting but once you experienced the magic craftsmanship of Montgomery Clunk you will not have a hard time to believe this album is indeed something special." From Error Broadcast



04. Montgomery Clunk - Heat 00:02:52

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