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Track 03 by Mo Rooneh

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In 2009 Mo Rooneh launched MONOCHROME. MONOCHROME is an ongoing solo project showing different shades of the inner colour of the artist. Rooneh uses all kinds of media to get across his messages and thoughts. His audio can be characterized as minimalistic.In Rooneh's compositions the use of noise is very prominent. “Generating noises and letting them entwine within a compositionreinstates a certain reality”. Rooneh's admiration for the minimalists can be heard in the frequent usage of repetition and arpeggiated chords and sounds. Rooneh's concept album 'Songs that might be', contains 10 rough sketches in which sound and speech are combined
into thoughts of songs that might be. By leaving it at that, it becomes an expression in itself. Name it what you will: music, soundscaping or poetry. At this point it has legitimacy in it's own right, being that what it is, namely an expression.   /////     Track no 1. Sound arrangement & words: Rooneh   Could this something. Baldwin A.014-623904 Baldwin D.014-603501 Baldwin L.014-611220 Baldwin M.014-682421 Baldwin T.014-60…    No…  Maybe names starting with a C, or just numbers.   Voice: Mo Rooneh. Sample used courtesy of harri. Taken from       Track no 2. Sound arrangement & words: Rooneh   About a lazy afternoon. Lying on my back in the garden, counting plains up in the air. It’s meaningless and of no importance.  But most of the songs have no message what so ever.   Voice: Mo Rooneh. Samples used courtesy of tnickles and dobroide. Taken from       Track no 3. Sound arrangement: Rooneh   Sixty-One seconds of silence within your own environmental sounds.   Based on  ” 4’33”  by John Cage.                   Track no 4. Sound arrangement & words: Rooneh   A song about our mortal coil. Vermin scavenging away the carnal wasteland after we’ve been laid to rest, just leaving our bones as a memory from within. In this song I can hear the sound of a Mardi-grass brass band, playing at a funeral.   A lazy tempo,  still, in major key.   Voice and bells: Mo Rooneh. Sample used courtesy of daveincamas. Taken from     Track no 5. Sound arrangement & words: Rooneh   This one needs a surreal subject. Trees, lots of trees, but it’s no forest, just trees. Lined up straight, in a big square. Children running, playing hide and seek. Every single tree is being painted green by the children’s parents. And when I look closely, I see they are all male. This has to be father’s day.   Voice: Mo Rooneh. Samples used courtesy of Aarondbaron and Dropthedyle. Taken from       Track no 6. Sound arrangement & words: Rooneh   A cover of a sixties classic. A remake of a musical landmark. The artist Gene Pitney.      The song Mecca.   Voice: Mo Rooneh. Samples used courtesy of Jovica and Walkerbelm. Taken from             Track no 7. Sound arrangement & words: Rooneh   .taht tcelfer dluohs sciryl eht osla dna .doom ciladacysp a ti gnivig ,sdrawkcab deyalp eb ot sah gnos dedrocer sihT   Maybe the lyrics should also be reversed.   Voice and keyboard: Mo Rooneh.       Track no 8. Sound arrangement & words: Rooneh   Something instrumental Percussion, but no drums, lots of samples,  sounds of electric wildlife and howling steel.   Yeh.   Voice and sounds: Mo Rooneh. Samples used courtesy of Nurykabe and Halleck. Taken from         Track no 9. Music & words: Rooneh   A song about my father. He died on a summer’s day in July. And when I closed his eyes, and looked at her,  I saw a tear, running down her cheek. I don’t know why I didn’t cry, I just didn’t. Sometimes I can still feel his face, in the palm of my hand.   Voice and piano: Mo Rooneh.     Bonus track. Words: Rooneh    A remix, off track number three.   Voice: Mo Rooneh.



03. Mo Rooneh - Track 03 00:01:04

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Track no 3.
Sound arrangement: Rooneh

Sixty-One seconds of silence
within your own environmental sounds.

Based on ” 4’33” by John Cage.
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