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Menage Quad
Menage Quad
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Free Music, Free Love. This is Ménage Quad. We are a live, 8 piece fusion of electro swing and hip hop. We make swing hop, get with it. For bookings email      BIOS PANASH St. Louis, MO.   Wordy and Nerdy. Intelligent and Humble. These are only a few of the words that can describe Panash, born Jerrald Dyon Spencer Jr. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri as an eighties baby, Nash got the best of vinyl records and older soul music as inspiration. Versatile enough for the hardest of baselines but introspective even in acca pella spoken word, he
strives to give a message to uplift, upbuild and overcome. With one mixtape under his belt and an penchant for playing rope a dope in life's most trying situations, watch for him to make a knock out punch in the music industry this year.    POISON IV Bozeman, MT. IV is musician/producer/singer/rapper/songwriter/composer/designer from Bozeman, Montana. She wrote every note and word, and played every live instrument on the both her debut album, The Skillogy, but also on her latest album, ELEVATE. She has performed in many states around the nation, including Alaska, where she worked managing a mountain bike shop in Anchorage. She has played in the same venues as Prince, Wu Tang, and Madonna, and has performed with DJ Abilities, Shwayze, DJ BL3ND, Z-Trip, and Sadistik. Poison IV is also the primary producer for Menage Quad, and also mixes and masters for them as well.     KUDO Columbia, MO. Kudo is an emcee/producer/recording engineer/co-owner at Crucible Records, formerly out of Columbia, MO, now residing in Minneapolis, MN. He has put out several solo projects, performed with esteemed artists like PROF, Brother Ali, MURS, and more. As the owner of Crucible, KUDO co-produces for several of others' projects as well, and also mixes and records for the Quad. The energy he brings to the group provides a unique pulse unbeknownst to any other group.    J RHYMES St. Paul, MN. Rhymes is an emcee/vocalist out of St. Paul, Minnesota. Rhymes was brought on by the Quad for his butterscotch flows and smooth canter. Although he's only been involved in a sole project prior to MQ, Rhymes brings the chill vibes of early 90s hip-hop to the future swing grooves of Menage Quad. Rapping aside, Rhymes has also been singing since his early child hood, fueled by family passion. Check his whistle on You Give Me Fever.



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