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 Miss Emma (1 Albums, 13 Tracks)


LOCATION:Chambéry, France

Emma lives in Chambéry, France. She is the daughter of Juan Naveira, creator of the band The Juanitos. This album began when Emma wrote the lyrics to her first song, “Une Glace au Citron” (“A Lemon Ice”). She gave the page to her dad and hummed the tune for him. He played it on the guitar for her.

Within a few weeks, they put together 10 more songs. Soon they were performing small concerts and appearing in the press. The video for “Une Glace au Citron” (“A Lemon Ice”) became a hit on the Internet!

Well-known American DJs Ursula 100 and Martinibomb have promoted Miss Emma, and she has since develooped a following in the USA.


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Deano_ on 08/25/11 at 06:57AM
Hi there, I want to get in touch with Miss Emma...

Im a film director in Australia. I'm working on a short video for a kids fashion brand called Eeni Meeni.

I really like your song "Une glace au citron" and if possible i 'd like to use it in our production. We will put you in the credits and hopefully you could find some use for the video yourself too, apart from making lots of children happy! just kidding:)

I know your CC preferences say no commercial usage but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask... This is the link to the brand's website -

and this is the link to my website -

Best Wishes,

kathy awe on 01/29/16 at 12:53AM
Hi Miss Emma,
I'm a producer working on an international campaign for a non profit organization for kids and wanted to inquire about using one of your songs. I realize it's listed as "not for commercial use" but would love to tell you more about the campaign to see if it's something you would consider. My email is Look forward to connecting with you.
yon911 on 05/05/17 at 08:13AM
I love your songs! and even though i saw that it's licensed under non-commercial, i would really like to use it "Une glace au citron" in a video i'm producing. can you please contact me? here's my email:
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