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nxI2016-07-18_04_46_04 by Miquel Parera

Album Description



Title: nxI2016-07-18_04_46_04

Date: 18/07/16



1- nxI2016-07-18_04_46_04 - 00:04:14.86

2- nxI2016-07-18_04_46_04-A-2016-07-18_05_01_22 - 00:04:14.86

3- nxI2016-07-18_04_46_04-A-2016-07-18_05_05_44 - 00:04:14.86

4- nxI2016-07-18_04_46_04-A-2016-07-18_05_10_06 - 00:04:14.86


Total time:  00:16:59.45


Programmed by: Miquel Parera


Description: LiveCoding,Algorithmic & Random AV Drones.


Software Used:

Sound: SuperCollider (

Sound and Graphics: PureData (



License: CC-BY-SA (


More info:


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