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nx2015-12 by Miquel Parera

Album Description


nx2015-12 (December Creative Commons Electronic Music Compilation)

 nx2015-12_01 : Seventeen / Automation EP (Torque) cc-by-nc-sa          :  

nx2015-12_02 : Musik Terror / Musik Terror (End519) cc-by-nc-nd          :  

nx2015-12_03 : The Great Escape / For No Reason At All (Akusmatic) cc-by-nc-nd          :  

nx2015-12_04 : Once Upon A Time / Monkey Tales (Sephira)  cc-by-nc-nd          :

 nx2015-12_05 : Landscapes / The Red Moon and the Landscapes from Jupiter EP (Markus Masuhr) cc-by-nd           :  

nx2015-12_06 : Arctic Virus / Stop this Moment (Tetarise) cc-by-nc-nd          :  

nx2015-12_07 : A Cage / A Cage (Phirnis) cc-by-nc-sa          :  

nx2015-12_08 : Half Empty / But the echo of thunder ... (Hxw Hxw) cc-by-nc-sa          :  

nx2015-12_09 : Alien / Deep Dark (Deep Dark) cc-by-nc-nd          :  

nx2015-12_10 : Magellan Sunrise / Interplanetary Blues (Cousin Silas & Kevin Lyons) cc-by-nc-nd              :  

nx2015-12_11 : Purple Fiction / Tea Drones (Crystal Dreams) cc-by              :

 nx2015-12_12 : Longitudinal Touch / Aria (Ilir Lluka) cc-by-nc-nd              :  Compiled by:

Miquel Parera  Cover design by: Miquel Parera Background image: trekking-299000.jpg / CC0 / (aatlas)



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