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Album Description

nx2013-12 - CC Experimental Electronic Music Compilation. (Compiled by: Miquel Parera)   Cover: nxComposition054-2013-12-31_4-23-6-12 (Miquel Parera)   Tracklist:   nx2013-12_01:: [cwk0024] Classwar Karaoke (Zreen Toyz) - 86.Abstract Nonsense Info::   nx2013-12_02:: [zen097] Kamil Kowalczyk (Magma) - 05.Untitled V Info::   nx2013-12_03:: [RW-106] Gerry Miroux (Short Stories) - 05.Toy Piano Info::   nx2013-12_04:: [brownian] n[SAtan] (Privacy is mine) - 03.Stalker's Dream Info::   nx2013-12_05:: [zen097] Kamil Kowalczyk (Magma) - 04.Untitled IV Info::   nx2013-12_06:: [vuzh047] Caroline Park (RIM) - 01.We Can Be What They Are Doing Info::   nx2013-12_07:: [petroglyph180] Sp3ct3rs (Hunting Grounds) - 02.Rituals Info::   nx2013-12_08:: [zen097] Kamil Kowalczyk (Magma) - 02.Untitled
II Info::   nx2013-12_09:: [cwk0024] Classwar Karaoke (Stormhat) - 74.Stone Against Stone Info::   nx2013-12_10:: [Petroglyph170] Klopenn (The Cure Of Folly) - 02.Critical Apparatus  Info::   nx2013-12_11:: [cwk0024] Classwar Karaoke (Cezary Gapik) - 18.Idiosynkrasia Info::   nx2013-12_12:: [Petroglyph170] Klopenn (The Cure Of Folly) - 03.Alchemical Research  Info::   All tracks are CC, but if you don't want your work in this compilation, please contact me: