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Quadraphonic Automatische Drohne by Miquel Parera

Album Description

Released:July 5th, 2013

Quadraphonic Automatische Drohne.

Miquel Parera.

May, 2013.




QAD-2013-05-13_20_25_25-Stereo (08:46.07)

QAD-2013-05-13_20_34_18-Stereo (09:13.56)

QAD-2013-05-13_22_14_36-Stereo (09:00.93)

QAD-2013-05-13_23_47_26-Stereo (09:58.15)

QAD-2013-05-13_23_57_30-Stereo (11:17.65)


Total time: 48:16.36


Cover: nxComposition042 (Miquel Parera)




What you can hear are different iterations of the same function. The function selects, at random, one of the 24 sound generators classes. Finally, mix four variations on a composition.


Software Used:





You can download the code on:

You can download the samples on:


More releases on:


Trivia: The cover and title are a tribute to Schulze Irrlicht. When I was seventeen, one of those special people that come and go in your life gave me the vinyl Schulze. In turn, this year appeared the cd of La Légende d'Eer of Xenakis. Along with reading Silence, Cage, this would form in my young mind a kind of altered sense of perception of the music that survives until now.




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Quadraphonic Automatische Drohne by Miquel Parera is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.
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