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 Milisi Kecoa (1 Albums, 15 Tracks)


Milisi Kecoa
LOCATION:Bandung, Indonesia
  • Acil: Guitars
  • Ama: Guitars
  • Cupy: Bass
  • Dani: VOcals
  • Kadek: Drums
Milisi Kecoa is a punk rock band from Bandung, Indonesia. In english, the band's name can be translated as "Cockroach Militia". Why is that? Because cockroach is an interesting insect that have a lot similarity with a global punk community. Like a global punk community, cockroach can be found everywhere
in this world. They are everywhere and never be extinct. Cockroach never be domesticated unlike dog or cat. They have no human-master and never play tricks with human. They also become a real psychological threat for many people, like a global punk community. Can you stay calm if a bunch of cockroaches come to your house in a fantastic number? Stomp your feet on one of us, and the rest of the militia will freak you out. "Militia" and "military" isnt the same word. Militia refers to a bunch of people (or cockroach!) that organised and armed themself spontaneously, with a main purpose to defend their life (family, land, source, etc), while military refers to a group of well-trained people, organised but the state to defend state's interests. Military based its action on the leader's command, but militia based its action on solidarity. So thats the story behind our name.