New Machines Not Safe

Mike Yarrish

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Released May 03, 2016
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This is a collection of music that I recorded at various points between 2002 and just a few months ago. Some of it is among my favorite music that I've ever done. Some of it was recorded before I knew anyone else who was into so called avant-garde/experimental music, so it is literally the sound of me wrestling with many different musical concepts. Here are just some of the questions that I was asking myself as I made this music, and that I continue to address to this day:        -Can I impose linear order onto something with no dicernable melody, rhythm, or harmony? -Conversely, can I play melody, rhythm, or harmony and have it be (seemingly?) devoid of linear order? -How do I incorporate raw sound into my musical language and view traditional instruments as sound sources, and vice versa, and meld it all together into a single, all-encompassing creative discipline? -Do I have enough to say(take that however you will) that I can make music out of whatever is in front of /around me without it sounding like a disingenuous novelty? -Can I do all this by improvising, even if adhering to a basic musical or conceptual form? -What sort of political, personal, or emotional content will the listener project onto music with no lyrics? What sort of content can I myself project onto it? - Why are there arbitrary lines between sound, noise, and music? -How will the music that I grew up playing and listening to (metal, hardcore, hiphop) and their respective subcultures manifest itself in music that doesn't directly reference it? - Can I trick people into listening to ear-splitting feedback by dressing it up with pretentious liner notes? :)   Mike Yarrish- Bass, vocals, synthesizer, clarinet, keyboard, drums, banjo, feedback, percussion, probably more that I'm forgetting...   Electric guitar on "the government....","happythanksgiving", "The Best is Noise", and "benjo" by Matt Sekel  (cover art also by Matt Sekel)    A piece not included here called "New Machines Not Safe" was constructed by live processing recordings of feedback made by Glenn Weyant, Barry Chabala, Matt Sekel, and myself. To heat the entire project, go to  (A note on "Proud to Be Black") Though I am white, there is nothing ironic, humorous, or clever about this cover. It is a sincere and loving tribute to one of my favorite groups of all time. Run DMC were childhood heroes of mine, and I don't even know if I'd be playing music at all had I never heard "Raising Hell" as a kid. This song is real punk rock, and their music continues to mean a great deal to me today. So take that.   contact: Rubbyzx at    

Durge May 06, 2016

Creative plus highly loveable. Great music here Mike!

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