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 Mighty Fine (1 Albums, 10 Tracks)


Mighty Fine
  • Richie Pomerantz - Drums, vox
  • Uncle Mitro - Guitar
  • Paul V - Bass, Vox
  • Gary French - keyz
  • Steve Myers - singer
“No need for introductions we've known each other for years. You're not staring at a dead man six shots is what got me here”. The opening lines from the song "Hello"(the band’s debut single) couldn't be more spot on. After touring most of the world with The Afghan Whigs Singer
Steve Myers returned home only to get shot and left for dead on a rainy New Orleans street (read the article ). Myers moved to New York to recover and try to put his past behind him only joining the Dulli lead Twilight Singers occasionally for shows on the East Coast or recording down South. Not until hooking up with fellow New Orleanian Jagon Eldridge in late 2003 did he think about starting a band of his own. Eldridge, an accomplished saxophone player in his own right who studied under some of the greats had also moved to New York and started playing gigs with Andy G and the Roller Kings. Along with fellow Roller King Richie Pomerantz, the three started writing songs in Jagon's apartment. Pomerantz's motorcycle riding buddy bass player Paul Verciglio joined a month later. Guitar player/producer Mitro Valsamis who played in the 90's punk band The Trickbabys joined Mighty Fine after hearing early demos. Subsequently the band locked themselves away for the rest of the summer of 2004 until things felt right. "We didn't want to play out until we had our shit together" - Myers After self releasing the band debut ep “ The Dirty Sessions” in 2006, the band went on to open for acts such as TV On The Radio, Clap Your Hands & Say Yeah, The Dirtbombs, The Slackers, & The Gutter Twins just to name a few. Also around this time Eldridge departed Mighty Fine to make room for Gary French on keys. Early production for Get Up To Get Down started in late 2008; to keep but expand on the sound of their previous work the band recorded everything on 12 track tape and played every song live to keep the raw feeling of a Mighty Fine show. With guest appearances from Mick Collins from The Dirt Bombs, David Hillyard & Glen Pine from the Slackers and Greg Dulli from the Afghan Whigs/Twilight Singers, Get Up to Get Down is a true party record. Sweaty Rump Shakin' Garage Soul is a great way to describe the band, the combination of a James Brown styled soul review and sweaty garage rock show. “In this band, New York and New Orleans meet at the crossroads and no one moves an inch." - Steve Myers lead singer ~Taken from the Might Fine Facebook page


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