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 Michael Brückner (2 Albums, 21 Tracks)


Michael Brückner (born in late 1969 in Heidelberg, Germany) started to create electronic music in 1992. Since then he has recorded more than 110 albums (most of them self-distributed, from 2012 on some were released by different independent labels) and contributed to dozens of V/A compilations. Since 2012 he also
performs live occasionally, mostly in living room concerts or on small European EM festivals.His ecclectic, multi-faced style has a strong emphasis on (both "dark" and "ethereal") ambient (and more lately also traditional "space music", or "Berlin School") but from there branches out into - or integrates elements of - many different other styles / genres, like (different varieties of) dance, new age, experimental music, but also jazz, rock and pop...Michael, who is currently living with his little family near Mainz, Germany, has studied graphical design and printing, and is making a living from this profession.

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