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 Mice Parade (1 Albums, 7 Tracks)


LOCATION:New York City
  • Adam Pierce, Caroline Lufkin, Dan Lippel, Doug Scharin, Brandon Knights, Rob Laakso
Mice Parade originally began as the solo project of Adam Pierce, who has played in Swirlies, The Dylan Group, HiM, Philistines Jr., and Múm. Over the years, Adam has sought different musicians to expand his musical vision across a variety of genres, from indie-rock, electronica and shoe-gaze, to African and
Eastern-influenced rhythms. Yet as ever, Mice Parade’s sound is essentially modern, informed by an esoteric palette, retaining a familiar acoustic presence via an unclichéd take on folk/world influences. The group blends live instrumentation, layers of overdubs, and intricate percussion into a distinctive, playful sound.


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