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The Chinese Man by Metastaz

Album Description

Released:October 29th, 2012

In this brand new sound odyssey, this inspired storyteller wrote each chapter of this brilliant opus like a single story, each with its own world.Between shadow and light, Metastaz’s imaginary is full of super heroes and fantasy creatures, whose stories are written on mystics riddims andall cleverly combined with basses.

Miscelleaneous’s incisive flow, Yarah Bravo’s blasting gentleness, Sir Jean’s inimitable voice… : Encounters was made of prolific talents, inspired and surprising interactions.

It is at the crossroads of diffuent electronic influences, insufflated by an insatiable curiosity and a real talent for cinematic atmospheres.This album is also a tribute to those who has been supporting him up, far and near, more and more numerous.

Those who supported the Ulule Campaign by giving a few euros to finance the production of this album.

Metastaz’s spirit is always boiling with ethnics beats, broking up fronteers between musical genres… Encounters is a blasting chronic of today’s world music


08. The Chinese Man (04:22)

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The Chinese Man by Metastaz is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial License.


hertsengland on 03/26/17 at 06:59PM
I tried to use this and it came up as copyright protected by Youtube. The original is by the Gaylords, and called Chow Mein, I do not know if it is worth contesting and I have edited a video around it. Does any one know whether it is changed enough to be free from copyright protection laws?
hertsengland on 03/26/17 at 11:18PM
the copyright claim came from

Believe Music
On behalf of: JFX Lab
I have disputed it. Wish me luck
hertsengland on 03/26/17 at 11:19PM
I must say I do like this track
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