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Menion (Stefano Ferrari) started his journey with music a long time ago,when he was only 11. He studied guitar and electronic music at the conservatory. From then on he makes a lot of experiences, among them playing guitar with the band Mucca Macca. As of today music has become a partner to play and share secrets with..not a forced experimentation or aspiration to be necessarily avant-garde…but only a great wish to share…Menion defines his electronic music as playful and visionary. Through the skillful manipulation of machines and a way to play guitar which is very precise but far from being academic and even further from being virtuoso, he delivers excellent music. Some of the artists that have influenced him lately: Fennesz, Christopher Willits, Orla Wren, Johnny Greenwood, Kaki King, Igor Fëdorovic Stravinskj,Jim O’Rourke and many others. He is Ablleton certified trainer. Menion new release with Mime Netlabel in January 2011: “Morbida Oscurità”

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