Megan Jean and the Klay Family Band

  Megan Jean and Byrne Klay met in 2004 while living in New York City, where they were avid WFMU listeners.…

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Live on WFMU with Irwin October 3, 2012 2013 - Album
Charleston, South Carolina-based duo Megan Jean & the Klay Family Band perform a delirious blend of euro-gypsy, circus, roots Americana,…


Nao Nunai Sep 23, 2015

There is a video on YouTube of Megan Jean performing a song called "Hegemon". (At least I think that is the title. It's a favorite. Wish it was here on FMA!

Jamandra Dec 20, 2014

Megan Jean, you are a phantastic singer. The banjo is too loud. That kills the harmony. :-(