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 McCloud Zicmuse (3 Albums, 45 Tracks)


LOCATION:Brussels, Belgium
  • Le Ton Mité
LE TON MITÉ bio from official website: Born in Arkansas in 1998, matured in Olympia, Washington & based in Brussels for the last 10 years, LE TON MITÉ has toured, transformed & immigrated across the globe as a musical soundtrack of the voyages & adventures of  McCloud Zicmuse. Part chamber
pop ensemble, part mideval sect, part backing band, part contemporary dance troupe, expect anything: the wind section becomes a chorus of guitars & voices, silence is louder than sound, fireworks fail to ignite, a dance party erupts… In 2018, McCloud will present a quick overview of the project’s 20 year history, “LE TON MITÉ : A Comedy of Errors”, with sound and video excerpts from over the years including the latest recording : “Passé Composé Futur Conditionnel” (released in 2017) with the help of a video projector, a microphone, multiple voices, guitars, saxophones, clarinettes, keyboards, recorders & perhaps even a musical saw. This music is not only unique because of its composing process, but also because it can be conserved for a long time. When kept in a good cellar, a LE TON MITÉ song will still have an exceptional taste and flavour after 20 years.


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