Maya Solovéy

Maya Solovéy is a trilingual singer/songwriter who lived in Massachusettes, Ecuador, and Spain before settling in New York. "Maya has…

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Maya Solovéy, I:II 2011 - Album
On her self titled debut album, I:II, Maya has merged the acoustic/folk songwriting tradition into the territories of pop, bossa…


2013 - Album
2013 - Album


atomjani Jun 06, 2012

Your sound is beatifully. :-)

jason Apr 10, 2012

Wow, this is an Interesting fundraiser to support Maya's next EP You can receive commissions just by spreading the word! Cool idea for crowd funding, and great music to support as well!

amberwillow Mar 05, 2012

Brilliant You :-)

milli Feb 29, 2012

thanx! ;)*