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xsl composite 01 by Matt Burnett

Album Description

image by Marc von der Hocht
image by Marc von der Hocht•-The-album.jpg
stereo composites for the XSL Album collaborative project curated by Thalamus Lab in Berlin. all tracks created from sound files in the XSL Sound Library. here is a good place to start:


Track Info

this one is lush, relaxed, and listenable. uses: XSL006: Clicks & Keys_Piano - Low octave chord XSL011: Daniel Blinkhorn_SFX_Granulated Coral from Great Barrier Reef XSL014: Marco Madia_GrainSaal XSL015: Akkamiau_Sick dog hihi XSL016: JQR_Rustle XSL017: Kamil_Nie Jeden Raz XSL019: Juan Cristobal_Warming 15 XSL022: Array Acces_Distraction XSL024: David Flood_Music for 6 Boom Boxes XSL025: Xtmgr_String Pad Chill Xtrmgr_String Pad tap Delay Xtrmgr_Synth Pad Reverb XSL028: Francesco Torelli_Ritmitonia Variable XSL029: Alpha Cephei Vinyl Crackle Loud 1 Alpha Cephei Vinyl Crackle 14 Alpha Cephei Vinyl Crackle 11
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