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 Mastermind XS (3 Albums, 27 Tracks)


LOCATION:Saarbrücken (Germany)
  • Guitar, bass, sitar, thin whistle, keyboard, programming : Daniel Stephan
  • Vocals, melodica, keyboard : Heiko Petry
Mastermind xs is a two-friends-project (daniel stephan & heiko petry) from saarbrücken (germany).some years ago they started "mastermind xs", creating tune after tune rooting deep into dub, reggae, electro, drum´n´bass, indie, punk and many other influences. As a result their music is based  on a foundation of dub & heavy bass with conscious lyrics. their sound unites different styles which hardly fits into one single genre and is always exploring new spaces.Mastermind xs are working with ableton live and different instruments, adding sitar, melodica and everything they are able to play with, to form a unique ear-candy-mixture of groovy tunes.Daniel:
guitar, bass, sitar, thin whistle, keyboard, programming, melodicaHeiko: vocals, lyrics, melodica, keyboardlive-performances can vary from a 2-man-setup up to a full band with several additional live-musicians.for booking write to: mstrmindxs@gmail.com2010 saw their first release, the instrumental-ep „one dub many roots“, on the french netlabellibre comme l´air : ocotober 2011 their first long-player "reset all sytems" was released on angeldustrecords and can be downloaded for free from: to 2014 mastermind xs have been busy recording and producing their new record „freedom of choice“, which was mastered by celt islam and will again be released in 2014 on libre comme l´air. during this period several tracks appeared on different compilations and podcasts.collaborations and remixes are always welcome!

LCL41 - Mastermind XS - Freedom of choice