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An old folkie who got back into it... I write enough now to produce an album of new material a year – so I keep recording to avoid building up too much of a backlog. Some songs start with a guitar part that I’ve played around with at home, but these days I write most songs whilst travelling – sitting in an airport or in the back of a car driving around in India (and elsewhere). I then have to try to remember the tune I had in my head when I get home (or make up a new one…)
I have very eclectic taste (and therefore output) ranging from folk through country/blues/jazz through rock and even pop – plus the occasional novelty foxtrot or comedy number. I just like variety! These days I sing and play guitar(s) and other stringed instruments, then score and orchestrate where appropriate. My taste becomes increasingly eclectic ranging from finger-picked folk through country to soft rock mixed in with a few more alternative and eccentric numbers, including the odd novelty foxtrot... I use Soundforge for recording onto my laptop (via and Esi interface) and mix and master using Sony Acid. I use Sibelius to score strings/piano or other instruments as required and have a drum sequencer I bought on the net years ago (leafDrums) which lets me add my own samples if needbe. On a couple of songs on this album Steve generated some samples from Bands in a Box to splice up and mix in for a bit of variation. I also have friends who collaborate on some tracks. Jon Garvey plays sax at a distance – I send him basefiles and he sends back a sax part for me to play with… Roger Brawn lays down some jazz guitar on a song or two if he comes to stay. And I meet regularly with Steve Franks to record backing vocals and some extra guitar here and there. He also has great ears that play an important part in the mixing and mastering.