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Riding by Martin Rach

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Martin Rach - ‘Zitherphonics’
Martin Rach - ‘Zitherphonics’
suRRism-Phonoethics is proud to announce Martin Rach – ‘Zitherphonics’! Song pieces made by using chord zither, engine (bellows) of electric organ, h4n zoom recorder, pair of headphones (for contact/close recording purposes) and various props for differing tempos/density.   “A Certain Stance on the Composure of these Iconographies We may never know
(we may never know)Venture me this;Deserving these brilliant digits of purity (from Aerial Beings-)Acting as receptor for sound,As is the verse devoid of meter,A deafening taste of paradoxTouches the most complete minuetWithin minds ear, overt and minute- Let’s begin again…” -Jaan Patterson Download from the IA as 320K MP3 incl. Cover & InfoDownload from the IA as WAV incl. Cover & Info



06. Martin Rach - Riding 00:06:23

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