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Chill Boy by Martin Lowack

Album Description

SlowDrive Cover
SlowDrive Cover
"I always like to interfuse some elements of the seventies and the groove of now. Most of the tracks are brandnew, worked out of sketches since 2008, and I added some older pieces like "SlowDrive" remixed with new sounds or featuring singer and cellist Magda Glocka from Poland, who was
inspired by the music and sent me her voice-tracks for "Play all Day" and "Melting Point". All work including mix and master is done on a Notebook. The only analogue instrument I recorded is my electric guitar. The melodic rest is native software I played on masterkeyboards, and the drumming is a mix of programming on drum-machines and sample-cuts. 2014 I added some tracks shown only here that didn´t make it to the album for my choice at 2010." From:



08. Martin Lowack - Chill Boy 00:05:19

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