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Martin Auer
LOCATION:Vienna, Austria
Martin Auer (pronounce as in "happy hour") was born in 1951 in Vienna, Austria. After finishing high school he attended university but never really studied anything there. (He is rectifying this now and has begun a study of cultural anthropology). On and off he has been active as an actor, a musician, a singer-songwriter, a teacher, a journalist, a stage magician, a copy-writer for public relations agencies. With his band "Dreschflegel" he produced an album of rebellious folk songs from Austria, with "Regenpfeifer" and his then partner Christina Zurbrügg an album of European folk songs about the life of women.
He also produced two albums of children's songs and a rather weird album of chansons ("Gute Nacht und süße Träume")   His first book was published in 1986, and since then he has been a free lance writer and poet. By now he has published over 40 books, among them children’s books, which have won various awards and have been translated into several different languages.   His musical interests nowadays lie mainly with a capella ballads and work songs, maybe because he's too lazy to form a band again, or maybe because he thinks that finally he has found his voice.   As Austria isn’t a monarchy any more one cannot be knighted there. Instead he was created an honorary professor by the president in 2005 (For his books, not for his singing).   When his mother's household had to be dissolved recently he was left with the cat.