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Transfer to Unknown by Maria Grigoryeva

Album Description

Released:June 24th, 2009

….the destination is vague….
this transfer makes you walk a thousand kilometers’ long way…
you go through thousand tunnels of your own thoughts and ideas...most of which are lost on the halfway, the rest keep following you for the rest of your life..
life is the endless transfer .. from one point to another one …. through one state to another … cast by various ideas FIX …sometimes this roam fatigues you … you stop for a short while … abruptly, new challenging ideas spring out as if out of nowhere ... and force you into transfer again...
life is a train … solely yours … having no conductor … no companions … no operator … the stops are announced by your inner voice … and the route is utterly intuitive … the roam is geographical ... and it is emotional ... you wander from one idea to another one ... searching for harmony ... until you once realize that the whole process is the harmony, whatever hard or deliberately easy it is … the transfer through life circumstances as it is – IS the harmony you day after day strive for … however, years will pass by until you understand this … years of search for some final point … where there’s nothing but another temporary suspension…
with no fear I face the suspense … that’s what keeps me moving on …


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Transfer to Unknown
01. Intro (03:30)
02. Transfering (03:21)
03. Idea F(i)X (01:45)
05. Unknown (05:12)
06. Transfering 2 (01:31)
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