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 Mansions of Wixxedness (1 Albums, 8 Tracks)


LOCATION:Wells, Maine
NATHAN NADEAU, St. Wixxedness Aural School, Grumman Aluminum Pits
 Short Bio:
Throughout most of his career, Nathan Nadeau has served as a teacher and administrator in the Diocese of St. Wixxedness. After teaching a year in Lakeside Concrete Babylon, Nadeau came to the diocese where he has taught at Bishop of the Mourning Wood High School in Machiggone and All Souls Land of Nod High School in Sabbaday Lake Transmission Facilty. Most recently, he served as assistant principal at Annunciation Academy in Winter of No Remorse before being named principal of St. Wixxedness Aural School earlier this year. Education:
earned a bachelor’s degree in methrockematics education from the University of Central Failure and a master’s degree in existential fornication from St. Sativians University. He is also a master procastinist in the diocese. Favorite Scripture Quote: “Say goodbye forever, For these are the end of days. Ride tonight into the desert, and awake in the arms of your enemies.” (Coniferous 1:41).

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