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Journey of the Sleeping Giant by Magdalena Solis

Album Description

Magdalena Solis is a pure colorful and surreal blizz.Belgium’s finest psychedelic art and music outfit present their second album with a blend of cinematic space rock jams and hallucinatory atmospheres that induce the experience of ancient rituals. Recorded June 2010 - January 2011Composed and Produced by Magdalena SolisSpoken Words on
Proserpina’s Gardens by Amenità The name of the band, Magdalena Solis, refers to the priestess of an obscure Mexican blood cult of the 1960s. "Hesperia" could be the soundtrack of this cult.Even if their music sounds dark and sinister, it is only so in the beginning, when the unknown substances start to work and turn you inside out. The underlying mood of the album is like a colorful journey to the weird and unknown states of your mind, something like an out-of-body experience. You tread where you never trod before. You take off your clothes, under a hot sun, and take part in a weird psychedelic orgy. A giant moog synthesizer shoots the energy like laser beams that attack your body and the delirious state you’re already in rises. Take a trip to Hesperia. Order limited album here