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 Mac 68K (1 Albums, 13 Tracks)


The Studio
Color Classic: This brute took over when the Classic II's sound started acting flaky. The color monitor was beginning to wear out. The sound from this chestnut, however, was perfect and strong even from the built-in speaker. Meg's Mac from college.
Centris 610 The server. AppleShare File Server 3.0.3. Played a little too fast because its processor was faster than the others'.
Mac Classic II: The workhorse of the band. Peter and Josh used this Mac, on loan from the elementary where we work, to do the brunt of the programming and recording of this album. The 68030 processor was the minimum under which HyperCard 2.4.1 liked to run. Peter recorded a ton of sounds, mostly accoustic instruments, into this Mac using SoundEdit and an external Apple microphone that plugged into the sound-in port on the Classic II.
The Studio
The Studio
The Studio
  • Peter Jungers and Josh Burker


Lo-fi electronic music composed in HyperCard and performed by a trio of 68K Macs.

Peter Jungers and Josh Burker collaborated to create a purposefully lo-tech approach to music making. They used HyperCard to script their music, sometimes creating pieces that were deliberately composed, other times using HyperCard's ability to randomize the music to strange effect.


on mouseUp

set the soundChannel to 1
put Macintosh Classic II into instrument 
play HyperCard 2.4.1
play SoundEdit 2.0.3 
set the soundChannel to 2
put Macintosh Color Classic into instrument
play HyperCard 2.4.1
set the soundChannel to 3
put Macintosh PowerBook 12" into instrument
play Audacity 1.2.6
play iTunes 7.3.1 
print the date "June and July, 2007"
print the place "Seattle, WA, USA"
print "Peter Jungers and Josh Burker"
print ""
print "mac68kmusic at g to the mail to the dot to the com
print "Released under a Creative Commons" Attribution-Noncommercial-Share 
Alike 3.0 License

end mouseUp




Experimental Apple
01. Piece Of (05:32)
02. Flutesichord (02:19)
03. Piece Meal (03:12)
04. Button Button (03:04)
05. Noose Mitten (03:21)
06. Sound Off (01:11)
07. Piece (01:21)
08. Movin (01:40)
09. New Mutton (03:50)
10. Sound Off On (02:06)
11. Mac 60 8 K (00:40)
12. Sum Beat (08:37)
13. You Got to Move (00:34)


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