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 MYTY KONKEROR (2 Albums, 6 Tracks)


LOCATION:Brooklyn, NY/New Haven, CT
ACTIVE:2005 - 2010
  • Michael Kiefer
  • Michael Steubs
  • Jon Schlesinger
  • Closely Watched Trains
  MYTY KONKEROR takes a meditative approach to rock. A noisy three-piece from New Haven, CT and Brooklyn, NY, their sonic explorations incorporate fragments of proto-metal, shoegaze, kraut-rock, and noise, melding into what some have described as hypnotic scrap-metal. Their sound came together while Mike Kiefer and Michael Steubs logged countless
miles along the I-95 corridor to meet for rehearsal and writing sessions in an old Milford, CT auto body shop.  Steubs came armed with his flying V and hypnotic riffs while Kiefer banged out beats and fills in service to his chordal arrangements. Together they fleshed out the basic structures before expanding the songs with layered guitar loops that allowed Steubs to jam free over a repetitive polyrhythmic stew.   After recording their debut EP, "The Excluded Middle," in their home studio in North Branford, CT, both members decided that loop pedals alone were not enough to help them achieve the sound they sought. So they brought lapsteel player Jon Schlesinger into the fold.  Jon provided them with the colors missing from their sonic palette, filling in the spaces with blissed-out harmolodics.  With his addition, the MK sound coalesced, and heads at local and regional shows began turning.   Since their debut release, MK have been playing shows with local and regional artists while recording and producing their first full-length album, I miss the future. These songs are looser and more expansive than their previous efforts, yet their distinct dissonance and hypnotic hooks remain.


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