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Live at the 2011 Golden Festival (MWE) by MWE

Album Description

Released:January 15th, 2011


Oakland California's MWE put a modern and eclectic twist on Turkish and Balkan folk music, live from the 2011 Golden Festival (Grand Prospect Hall, Brooklyn, Jan 15th). This performance took place on the 4th Floor's "Grand View" room, with sounds of the Middle East and more.


Ayabibi: This song is very popular in Romania. This particular arrangement of the song comes from Taraf Borzo, a band based out of France.

Sirtos (from Yiannitsa): The name speaks for itself but it should be noted that Yiannitsa is in northern Greece and this tune is in 7/8.

Suleyman Aga: This song is a Turkish Roman traditional. This 9/8 karsilama rhythm is probably the most popular rhythm among Turkish Roma.

Halay: Halay is actually the name of a line dance from Turkey. It is driven by a relentless 2/4 beat, and usually features zurna and davul.


Peter Jaques: Clarinet
Greg Jenkins: Clarinet
Samual Atchley: Clarinet
Calvin Lai: Zurna
Sean Tergis: Davul
Faisal Zedan: Dumbek, Riqq



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Live Performance

Live at the 2011 Golden Festival (MWE)
01. Suleyman Aga (04:33)
03. Ayabibi (04:23)
04. Halay (02:27)

Live at the 2011 Golden Festival (MWE) by MWE is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
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