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 METEK and Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt (1 Albums, 4 Tracks)


METEK and Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - ‘The Beauty of Blasphemy’
LOCATION:Berlin, Chicago, Malmö
  • Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, Fredrik Nilsson aka METEK
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt is a artist who continues to blur the line between improvisation and composition, using chance as the foundation of loops and drones that fill space and seemingly expand time, also releasing music under the moniker - Drone Messiah, MoreBlackThenGod, the developer of the Accidental Guitar Method,
founder and curator of Friends of Sagittarus Records.   Fredrik Nilsson aka METEK . Born in Malmö, Sweden He began to make experimental recordings with a broken tape recorder 1983 at the age of 10. At age 15 he was driven into industrial music with the likes of SPK, severed heads and Throbbing Gristle. Fredrik had a band called GAS with D Knoll playing live sets, later he started a cassette label and made a split with Die Chroniek. After taking a break from the industrial scene 1991 he started to make collaborations 10 years later including Mlehst (split release) de Fabriek, Telepherique, furthermore Wehwalt , Zreen Toys , Torturing Nurse , Vulgar Disease , Jack Hertz , Juan Antonio Nieto , (dell-tree) , Pandu Hidayat , Carlos Suárez and Jan-M. Iversen …