Mauro Staci aka Mat64 is a chip tunes producer since 1999, now is one of the most influent producer of…

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The Midnight Eclipse vol.1 2011 - Album
As anyone knows, MediƦval Electronic Music has to be composed with real MediƦval Computers. This album was recorded during the…


mat64 Apr 07, 2011

Thank you. All the songs are released under creative commons license, so you can use as long as you credit me. .. and send me a copy of your thesis :)

Hey, Your music is great! I am currently a senior at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. I was wondering if I could use your song Allegrotto con Moto ma Rubato for my 2 minute computer animated...

gian29 Dec 16, 2010

Beautiful melodies, day dreaming music....keep creating and playing!!!