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3 by M.A.K.T. Sono

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Producer: Kecap Tuyul
Engineer: Kecap Tuyul
M.A.K.T. Sono – Magali Albespy and Kecap Tuyul – was created in february 2018 from a common taste for improvisation forms that rely more on indetermination and surprise than on the mastering of instrumental skills. They both use electronic tools whose complex settings can generate unexpected sound events and unstable
situations. Their first album “If you were a clarinet” consists of 3 selections of slightly edited improvisations recorded in february and march 2018. These improvisation sessions were an opportunity for them to set up their working methodologies and to experiment playful and meditative dialogs between gesture & sound, activity and inactivity, machines and living creatures. It also available in flac format on



03. M.A.K.T. Sono - 3 00:10:39

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